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Hazardous Waste Collection Event - Vina Del Mar Park Cul de Sac

The Vina Del Mar Island Association has partnered with Pinellas County to bring a Haz-To-Go mobile collection truck to the island.  This event is free and is a convenient way for residents to safely dispose of and recycle chemicals and electronics, such as old computers, TVs, paint, fluorescent bulbs, or fertilizer. Staff will remove items from your vehicle.  The Mobile Collection Truck - which will be clearly recognizable - will be located at the Vina Del Mar Park cul de sac and will be manned by Pinellas County Haz-Mat Collection specialists.  We recognize that having this event on a weekday mid day is not the most ideal - however it was the only option available to us as Pinellas County does not have current staffing to accommodate a Saturday event at this time.   We hope that as many as possible will be able to take advantage of the drop off point. 

Please click here for list of Acceptable and Unacceptable Items